Dunno why this hasn't been posted before, it's not really news any more, but I only installed it tonight.

As it says really, if you purchased Sygic's Mobile Maps 9 you should get an email offering you a free upgrade to a totally new Mobile Maps 10:

Sygic Sygic Mobile Maps

Dear customers,

new Mobile Maps 10 for Maemo smartphones is now available as a free update.

Please read the instructions below on how to update your Mobile Maps 9 to the newest version.


Mobile Maps 10 takes your navigation experience to a whole new level:

New look The app has new look and feel.
Online While all maps and content are stored on the phone, we added online sharing of speed traps or road incident locations and within few weeks also real-time traffic.
Phone Navigation to addresses stored in phone’s Contacts is available.
Menu Scrolling through menus, lists and map zooming supports touchscreen gestures so that no buttons are needed when using Mobile Maps.
Country Recent state or country is stored automatically, new destination entry is easier and non-relevant cities from various states will not pop up. If you want to pick a destination from a country other than the one you used the last time, just tap Back button on the keyboard to display the list of all available countries.
New Chinese

New English, 2 Spanish and Chinese instruction voices added (Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese), Chinese user interface languages (Traditional and Simplified).

New speed camera database from the SCDB community – FREE of charge. 99% speed camera coverage.

Maps have also received an upgrade. Now with more detail, safer and easier navigation .

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How to upgrade to Mobile Maps 10.

1. Uninstall Sygic Mobile Maps 9 from your Nokia N900. Go to App Manager in your device, click on Uninstall and choose Mobile Maps - Application.Confirm by clicking Uninstall.

After you have uninstalled Mobile Maps from your device connect your mobile phone to your PC/Mac in Mass storage mode / Data transfer mode (not PC Suite mode or ActiveSync), so the device will be present as separate Disk letter in My Computer (for Windows) or Disk icon on Desktop (for Mac OS X). Open the folder with your device and you should see folders: /Drive, /Maps,/Res and SetupMobileMaps.deb. Delete those folders, just to be sure they are not located in your device.

2. Please click on the link below to download .zip archive with files needed to run application (+/-2GB).*REMOVED LINK*

3.After downloading, unzip this archive.If you have Windows ME or XP, Vista, Widows7 or Mac OS X, just double-click on the zip file or folder, it should open just as if it was a regular file or folder on your computer.

4. C opy content of unzipped folder (folders: /Drive, /Maps, /Res etc...) directly to root of Internal memory drive.(It is necessary to copy all folders to Internal memory, not SD card. Otherwise application won’t run.)

IMPORTANT: Folders Drive, Res and Maps must be located directly in the root of Internal memory drive - not in any other folder. (for example: H:/Drive = OK, H:/Sygic Mobile Maps/Drive = Wrong; drive letter can vary according to your computer).

5. Open File manager in Maemo, locate and execute file SetupMobileMaps.deb stored in initial folder of N900. Installation should start afterward. If you are unable to install file SetupMobileMaps.deb because system asks which application should be used to open .deb package or any problem with certificate occurs, it might be caused by your old phone firmware. In that case, you have 2 options:

Update your phone to latest firmware available via: Application Manager > Update. Latest firmware available is: V10.2010.19-1 or

1, Install rootsh*
2, Gain root access **
3, Install package via console (X Terminal):

dpkg –i /home/user/MyDocs/SetupMobileMaps.deb (This command is case sensitive)

*Note: As rootsh is the simplest option, and does not require a desktop computer or running additional services, it is the recommended method for gaining root access. rootsh is available in Extras, and can be installed from the Application manager if you have Extras enabled.

**Note: From the console (X Terminal), type&run sudo gainroot (or root for short). This will give you a root access.

Your Product code:


This product code proves your ownership of the license. Keep it in a safe place.

Activate the software after it was successfully installed on your device, not before. The system will ask for activation automatically after first start of application.

For Automatic activation, make sure you are connected to internet.

For Manual activation visit: Enter Product code

IMPORTANT: Read Tips on right side of screen in each step to make sure, activation will be correct. For reactivation it is necessary to contact support team.

If you are not sure what the device code is, or where it is placed, click here.
8. In case you experience any issues during the update process please consult our FAQ first. If you cant find the answer to your question contact support@sygic.com. Please write "maemo eshop update" in subject.

Note: The update to Mobile Maps 10 will not be available in Sygic repository.

We are keen to hear how you like Mobile Maps 10. Please send your suggestions to support@sygic.com. Thank you.

Sygic. We listen.