Nokia 5320 Games

Hence the name, the Nokia 5320 XpressMusic is a music-orientated mobile phone that supports various formats from MP3 to the iPod’s AAC.  Its extended battery offers 24 hours of playback while HSDPA technology enables a fast multi-megabit internet connection.  These features are great for music but even better for the diehard gamer who loves to download and play video games on their mobile phone. 

People have been battling it out in the game of spades for decades; possibly since the late 1930s. 
ZingMagic reinvents an old school classic with their version of Spades for your Nokia 5350 XpressMusic.  Test and hone your skills on this sophisticated game engine with 6 unique player strengths that ensure a challenging game with each hand. 

Spades comes with all the features we have come to expect from a ZingMagic classic with an overview of the game, take backs and redos, helpful hints and more.

Key Features

– Multi-level play that allows computer players to possess skills from novice to expert
– Advanced Artificial Intelligence game engine that rivals the best PC spades engines
– Numerous card playing and display options to personalize your gaming experience
– Support for all popular game variations
– Ability to complete undo and redo moves

Emerge yourself in all out battle with Spades on your Nokia 5350 XpressMusic.  Download this old school favorite and other premium classics at our Nokia Software store .