PC Suite UpdateYou may or may not of noticed, but there is an update available for Nokia PC  Suite, the latest version being V7.0.9.2, which Im a little surprised about considering Im Beta testing V7.1 right now, although its in closed Beta at the moment,  expect another PC Suite update pretty soon.




V7.0.9.2 What can you do?

With Nokia PC Suite 7.0, you can:

  • Create, edit, and send contacts and messages with a single easy-to-use application
  • Be informed of incoming calls and new messages received
  • Add new entries into your device calendar in the main window of Nokia PC Suite
  • Get Nokia Video Manager installed together with Nokia PC Suite

You can either grab the update from your existing PC Suite installation, or go to the link below, and select your Nokia model prior to download.


If you use Firefox as your Internet browser, you may be prompted to install an extention when you complete installation, however, don’t worry, its part of the PC Suite Synchronisation.  Here is what it will look like.

PC Suite Firefox Browser Extention