5360Following the recent Announcement of the all New Nokia 5630 XpressMusic handset, not much has been said about it, until now that is.

The device offers a high-quality entertainment experience at a reasonable price. But that is not all—it also has several environmental improvements that are worth a mention.


First of all, the device has a series of energy features that means it only uses the power it needs. Its Power Save option has an ambient light sensor that reads how much natural light is available and only adds extra additional illumination to the screen and keypad if needed. It also comes with Nokia’s energy efficient micro-USB charger, plus visual and audio alerts to remind people to unplug the charger from the wall when the device battery is full.


The Nokia 5630 Xpress Music is a good example of how Nokia also considers the environment in the materials it uses to make its devices. It is completely free of PVC, phthalates, chlorinated flame retardants, and all compounds containing bromine or antimony trioxide. As with every Nokia device, it is 80% recyclable and its compact packaging is 100% recyclable.


The device also comes packed with software and services to help people make more sustainable choices. These include the Green Explorer widget for more sustainable travel, we:offset application for offsetting CO2 emissions from any flights you must take, and an Eco zone with environmental tips. Last but not least, this device offers an exceptional music experience, internet browsing and a camera, removing the need for other separate devices.


“At Nokia we consider the environment in every device we make rather than producing one off green products. The Nokia 5360 XpressMusic is packed with many of our very latest environmental innovations and these will be rolled across our range. By considering the whole product, from the device to the packaging, the energy consumption, and the environmentally engaging software we can really minimize its environmental footprint and help people use mobility to make more sustainable choices” says Mitti Storckovius, Director of Environment, at Nokia Devices.