A Nokia team here in Finland have managed to create a touch screen like no other.  This touch screen is made out of water, yes, thats right, water!

Ok, frozen water that is, Ice.  The Nokia team cut several blocks of ice, and then stacked them up, merged them together using heat-guns to join them seamlessly, creating a wall, then using infrared, and optics, along with some clever electronics, they successfully created the worlds very first touch screen made of just frozen water 😉

The Nokia team involved said..

“This was a playful experiment, but one that we think showed interactive computing interfaces can now be built anywhere,” says Jyri Huopaniemi at Nokia’s research lab in Tampere, whose team built the touchscreen, dubbed Ubice, or ubiquitous ice.

Finland has a tradition of building snow and ice sculptures during its long winter. It was these that inspired the device, says Antti Virolainen, a member of the Nokia team. “We decided to see if we could make an ice sculpture that was interactive.”

Source via Fredille, Thanks Fred!