In this second Interview in a brand new series of Nokiausers Interviews with Nokia Enthusiasts, I interview part-time blogger, and self confessed Nokia Addict, @Gerrymoth of Also found on Twitter @NokiaAAddict.


Hi Gerry, first of all, many thanks for taking to the time to take part in our new Nokiausers Interviews with Nokia Enthusiasts, you have provided some interesting answers, and I’m sure our readers will also find them of interest.  Ok, to cut to the chase.

Please tell us a little about yourself, and how you become a part-time blogger, and how come about?

I started blogging years ago about PALM applications, I used to own T2, T3 and Treo 600 and used to have a HowTO and downloads page for friends and anyone else interested. Switched to Nokia in early 2004 when working for a software house and we used to be very quiet sometimes inbetween software releases and I was allowed to surf the net till work started back again, so I used to find new applications for my then Nokia 7610. I kept the hobby going and moved from my old VOX website to the NEW nokiAAddict website in 2008 when I realised one day I was only blogging about Nokia products and was a bit addicted to them.

How many Nokia devices do you actually own at the moment?

Currently I own and use a Nokia 5530XM, 5800XM, E71, N800 and N900. Also have a Nokia 6120 Classic at the very bottom of my lapbag, but don’t really use it much.

What was your very first Nokia device?

My first Nokia device was a 5510. Total brick, but it had a full qwerty keyboard and you could record FM Radio 🙂

Cast your mind back over the years, can you remember each Nokia model you have owned? Can you list them in order, oldest first?

Nokia device, may not be in exact order, but here goes for all devices I have actually owned:

Nokia 5510
Nokia 8310
Nokia 6230
Nokia 6630
Nokia 7610
Nokia 1100
Nokia N73
Nokia N95 8GB
Nokia E61
Nokia E71
Nokia 6120 Classic
Nokia N800
Nokia 5800XM
Nokia 5530XM
Nokia N900

Doesn’t look many, but if you add in all the trial devices I’ve used it would be alot 😀

Which Nokia device previously owned sticks in your mind for pushing the boundaries in terms of functionality, and technology? (Be it screen size, Colour, Build etc).

For me the Nokia N73 opened up for me what Nokia S60v3 could do and was the device which really got me hooked on Nokia.

Which Nokia handset/s do you dislike, and what reasons for not liking it?

The Dog or as Nokia call it the N96. I had it on trial for a Nokia Challenge and I just hated the device from the minute I got it. I had a Nokia N95 8GB at the time and thought Nokia had gone backwards with the release of the N96. The N96 early firmware was really really shocking and I don’t thinks its been fully fixed yet, plus I don’t install alot of the applications I had on the N95 8GB on the N96 and that just wasted the whole experience for me.

NAwebsampleHow do you feel about N-Gage being archived, and being migrated to Ovi gaming?

I wasn’t a great N-Gage user, so its not a big lose to me that N-Gage was archived, but I did like I could interact with my N-Gage friends via the application and play games against them if online.

Nokia handsets boast different Operating Systems, which Nokia OS do you prefer, and why?

Oh that’s a hard one. Symbian v Maemo? If my N900 had all the applications I have installed on my E71 and 5800XM I’d be saying goodbye to Symbian completely.Maemo for me just brings that near PC experience I want from my smartphone. I was always a great early N800 fan and my new N900 is never far away from me. Maemo ROCKS

Given the power, what would you do to improve Nokia handsets, be it new marketing methods, or new features on their devices?

If I had the Power I’d stop Nokia releasing pointless device variations. Just look at the latest with the X6 32GB and 16GB? Why? Oh and I would not let my team release a device in the state the Nokia N97 was released in. Nokia nearly lost me with this device. If I’d found an alternative from another manufacturer that could do everything my E71 could I would have moved. Thing is I never did find anything as good, so happy I stayed with Nokia for the N900

If Nokia announced a dual-sim model, would you be interested in buying one, and if so, what would be your reasons?

Yes I’d buy a dual sim model and for one reason DATA CONNECTION. The UK doesn’t have FULL coverage for 3G everywhere you go or everywhere I go, so I tend to run with 2 SIMs for data at the moment.

How do you feel about the new Symbian OS that we have seen sample screenshots of recently? What would you like to see in this new OS?

I think Symbian is still a powerful operating system and just needs that refresh on the user interface. Looking at iphone and android they are trying to catchup to what symbian can acheive, but have just slightly raced ahead in how that is presented. The phone has change significantly since I bought my very first one a Philips C40, reason I bought it was it had 500mins free for one landline number and was only £20 on PAYG. Buying a mobile phone these days is all about looks, having the latest IT thing or having the latest technology.

Do you prefer touch, keyed, or a combination of both on a device?

I love a keyboard, ever since the E71 I just can function fully without a full qwerty keyboard, but having both with the N900 is just icing on the cake.

The N900 features Maemo5 OS, and seeing as you own one of these, what are your findings, and experience with it?

I LOVE my N900, do I need to say anymore? I was a well used N800 user and knew what to expect with the N900 and have been actually suprised by it. I’m just wanting the N900 to grow and grow and not be forgotten about by Nokia and the commercial community. Developer community for Maemo are al geeks which will test the N900 to its limits, but its the commercial application developers like Spotify, Tunewiki, BBC iPlayer, etc.. which will bring the little extras to Maemo which will capture the public buying community.

PC Suite, or Ovi Suite? Which one do you prefer? Ovi Suite will be replacing PC Suite soon, how do you feel about this, and what would you suggest to Nokia to improve Ovi Suite further? (Are you Beta Testing the Open Beta 2.1 of Ovi Suite?).

Say “PC Suite” really fast 5 times and you’ll probably say what I feel about it. I’ve never been a fan of PC Suite and don’t really use it in my daily, weekly or any part of my life, only ever installed to use NSU to update my firmware. OVI Suite had a very bad beta experience for me and I totally ignored, but the latest stable release has been working great for me on my Windows 7 laptop.

Firmware Updates. Would you like to see an open forum solely for the firmware on Nokia devices, somewhere you can report bugs, suggest new features, and functionality to Nokia devices?

Maemo has BUG reporting, so why can’t Symbian devices? Another pain for me has been reporting problems with trial devices I’ve had, who the hell do I report it to? I’m all for a Bugzilla for Nokia.

Which Ovi Services do you use the most, and what would you suggest on improving these? For example, Ovi Share, what would you like to see added to this service?

I used to heavily use OVI Share, but when they messed about and wasted the online PC website I haven’t used since then. I did use OVI Sync for awhile for Contacts and Calendar, but when it totally screwed with my E71 when I multi synced between devices I gave up and went Google Sync route. Today the most used OVI service I use is OVI Maps and I’m totally loving it on my 5800XM.

Thanks for answering those questions Gerry, and I hope our readers enjoyed hearing your opinions on all subjects.!