Well, its my first day here at the actual Mobile World Congress event itself here in Barcelona, and after a disappointing evening Nokia Press event last night, with no new announcements, no confirmed dates on anything to look forward to,·its interesting to see for myself just how strong the competition Nokia has here on display.

Galaxy S II

The first thing I spotted here was the very strong prescence of Samsung, and LG, both offering an amazing array of stunning devices running Android, and the performance of Android on these devices was mighty impressive too, so quick, and no lag it was a real eye opener for me.· The only previous experience I had with Android was on the early Nexus device, which was running quite an old version of Android.·Since that experience, the OS has certainly come on leaps and bounds, and I now understand why Stephen Elop was firm on making the statement last night, that Nokia’s number 1 mission is to take on the mighty Android as they are currently spreading like wildfire, and moving so quickly in the mobile world.

I personally believe that Nokia have one hell of a job, well, a mission on their hands, they really do, and I’m hoping that their new alliance with Microsoft, and the Nokia Windows Phone is executed, and followed through with Military precision, and that the Nokia Windows Phone has nothing less than what Symbian users have come to expect on their devices, with full functionality we all have come to take for granted these days, and I’m not just talking about the simple copy and paste functionality here either.


Yes, I expect Nokia to carry over their amazing optics to the Windows Phone too, and by that I mean with Xenon, and led too, this is something I am yet to see here at MWC, I have not seen a since mobile device with a Xenon flash, but have seen more, and more devices with great video functionality, like HDMI out, and 1028p video recording, even·from a Tablet!

So how confident am I really about Nokia going head to head with the Android ecosystem, not to mention Apple??

Well, being a Nokia enthusiast is one thing, but honesty from an open minded writer such as myself is expected of me, so what I will tell you today, I’m worried about Nokia, and their current position they are in, that have so so much to do, and in no time to do it, they need to convince their Symbian developers, and stop then from switching over to Android for a start, but how will they do this?

Nokia·have to put together one hell of a programme together, and market it perfectly so it offers positive reasons for Symbian developers to stay developing for Nokia handsets of the future.·This has to be a strong financial incentive, and quite generous, lets call it a strongand powerful developer investment. There will be lots of questions asked, as for starters, these Symbian developers were convinced, and assured that Nokia was committed to Symbian, but we all know why Symbian has been really dropped.·It all started when other brands started removing Symbian from their devices, and the fall of the Symbian Foundation that followed, which in the real world left Symbian dead in the water anyway, and its this reason why Nokia had to do something radical like the Microsoft partnership. Its a no brainer.


Nokia have to put together some serious press addressed literature now too to stop, and halt all of the confusion that is going around not just the world wide web, but from everyone in the physical world too; I’m over hearing people talking about last nights Nokia press event here in the Media Centre where I’m writing this article, and whats people, members of the press, and bloggers etc, they are talking that Nokia is dead, and laughing at Nokia about the Nokia Is back statement, and saying “Back Where”, we can’t see you!

So that concludes my first installment live from the Mobile World Congress, look out for more later today here on Nokiausers, and over at NokiaDNA.com