adThanks to TamsS60 we come to hear about an update to twitter that we missed earlier from Nokia, and it was about using your Nokia device with Mac OS X.

Yes, we know that Nokia Map Loader, and Nokia Multimedia Transfer were already available, but this news that now allows full functionality of your Mac’s iSync with your Nokia device.

(Ok, so its not brand new at all, and apparently has been available for quite some time, whoops, now I do feel silly, oh well, if you, like me never knew about this plug-in, you do now 😉 ).

To read, and find out more information about iSync, and what it can do for you, then head over to the Official Apple site here, and check it out.  

You will also find information here about updating iSync to ensure you have the latest available version for your Nokia Plug-in.

I have successfully Synced my N97 using this plug-in, and everything was very simply, and straight forward to do.

For a full range of compatible Nokia devices see here.


Seeing as have a MacBook Pro, I was keen to checkout this claim, and see with my own two eyes that this was spossible.  I do know that some members at Nokia have been given MacBooks to help them develop utilities like Ovi Suite and a like, and this news is a sign that they are on the right track.

Nokia have now released a plug-in available here, which is a .dmg file that you install on your Mac, and then this plug-in allows seamless Syncing with your Nokia on your Mac.

Please make sure you fully exit iSync prior to installing this plug-in otherwise you will get the following warning.


Once you have downloaded, and installed the plug-in, simply launch iSync, and then choose to add a new device. You will be prompted on your Nokia to accept connections to your Mac, and if you have not yet paired your Nokia, you will need to enter a simple random code on both devices to complete pairing. Double click in the area stated, as shown below.


Now that you have installed iSync plug-in from Nokia, and added your new device, simply hit “Sync”, and choose the options you with to Sync, and set your settings, and locations for storing your information on your Mac from Nokia device.


For further information simply head over to or click here