nbNimbuzz recently told The Register that Skype has given them until the end of this month to remove Skype functionality from their application Nimbuzz.

This news means that if you currently use Nimbuzz to make free calls to other Nimbuzz/Skype contacts, and friends, you have less than a week to find an alternative client.

skypeNimbuzz, and Fring, provide identity-aggregation clients – applications that host all of a user’s online identities in a single interface. That’s fine for users, but the companies running the networks often finance their operations though embedded advertising, and don’t like their eyeballs being nicked.

Skype relies on SkypeOut for much of its revenue, so having NimbuzzOut sitting alongside SkypeOut is of no value to Skype at all.

Full article can be found here, and Nimbuzz Blog post here.