Just like the larger smartphones, the smaller Nokia X2-01 comes with tons of different options as far as themes and customizations go. You can pick from tons of libraries of themes that will make your smartphone look and feel the way you want it to. Thousands of people have developed tons of different backgrounds and wallpapers that will allow you to give your Nokia X2-01 a custom look and feel that you really want.

Do you like puppies? There is a wallpaper for you and a background too. Like to change the way your icons look? You can do that with this phone too. There are applications you can download that will give you a much more customized feel to the phone.

Some developers have even gone as far as charging for the backgrounds, customizations and themes but most of them are free. Not having to pay to have a good time with your phone is one of the things that make owning a smartphone worthwhile. Have a good idea of the custom backgrounds and themes that you want to display on your phone and then do some google searching for them. It’s a wonderful way to make sure that people see your personality and custom look of your phone as well.

You can even use a custom photo as your background too. Just take a picture with your phone and choose to use it as the background, it’s easy! The Nokia X2-01 is a very capable phone for people that don’t want a lot of extras. It works well for what it is. You can pick one up on the cheap and save yourself a ton of money. Good luck!