Nokia E90 Software

Nokia E90
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The Nokia E90 comes packed full of free software, with plenty of applications and programs that you can pick and choose to add to your device.

You’ll find the E90 supports the most popular email and business voice and other productivity and leisure time solutions. It operates across different continents using the quadband GSM and 3G network frequencies, providing fast broadband data connectivity with 3G WCDMA and WLAN.

The device has over 2,000 downloadable apps to play around with, including everything you’d expect in your mobile experience. The standards, as expected, are all there: day planners, interactive calendars, even music editors, but this only scratches the surface of what your E90 can do.
In addition to photo editors, a GPS system and tons of other programs, the E90 supports hundreds of  first and third party games including Pokemon, Crash Bandicoot, WWE and Metal Slug titles. Any Nokia E90 Software you come across for download can be found within our Nokia Users store. Looking for themes? Check out our Nokia E90 themes section for more great deals on downloadable content!

The greatest feature the E90 boasts is the ability to customize itself to what you want for your mobile device. You’ll always find a nice core package with any E-series phone you get from Nokia, but what makes these truly worth it for the long haul is the fact that its whatever you want it to be; though it doesn’t just stop with customizable apps.

The E90 also lets you customize the navigation of your phone; in other words, you choose the route in which you get to where you want to be in your mobile device. Move your contact list to where you think is accessible, one of the perks of the E-series phones is they are completely amorphous to the owners’ wants and needs.

Over the last couple of decades we’ve seen cell phones emerge from their primitive stages to what truly flexible and all encompassing devices they can be. They’re not just phones anymore; they’re devices that make you wonder how you ever lived without them before.