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Nokia N70
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One of the better, and grossly under appreciated, n-series devices in many consumers’ eyes is the Nokia N70.
The device has all the required features; camera, WiFi, expandable memory, 3G, tons of free programs and applications etc. The N70 also runs the most important software including corporate email applications such as Mail For Exchange, BlackBerry Connect etc. All in all it is a very capable device.

Though my absolute favorite feature is the fold-out, full QWERTY keyboard; I don’t think I am alone and I expect many Nokia N70 users feel this way. We wonder why the N70 is not a runaway hit.

The premium and free applications and programs work superbly. The N70 can open all major email attachment types, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Adobe PDF files; it even works with PowerPoint presentations. Not to mention, the device has over 2,000 downloadable applications to play around with, including everything you’d expect in your mobile experience. The basics are all there: day planners, interactive calendars, even music editors, but this only scratches the surface of what you can add on to your N70 experience.

In addition to photo editors, GPS and tons of other programs, the N70 supports hundreds of free and premium first and third party games including Pokemon, Crash Bandicoot, WWE and Metal Slug titles. Looking for themes? Check out our Nokia N70 themes section for more great deals on downloadable content!

The N70 also lets you customize the navigation of your phone; in other words, you choose the route in which you get to where you want to be in your mobile device. Programs and applications can be prioritized. Move your contact list to where you think is accessible, one of the perks of the E-series phones is they’re totally adjustable to the owners’ wants and needs.

You’ll also discover the full version of Quickoffice is included on the N70, which will work great for any business you need to do on the go. Not to mention, Nokia Sports Tracker, Messaging and email apps can all be customized to fill and fit your device. Nokia Maps 2.0 is also included which gives you free access to GPS.

Along with a full package of core software, The Nokia N70 can also download plenty of premium and free applications that you can pick and choose to add to your device, it is fully customizable to fit your needs.

If you’re looking for a mobile device that comes packed full of programs and applications and also has the freedom to evolve by downloading new software, the Nokia N70 is here to help.