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Most of the software you can get today for your Nokia N72 phone and others like it is pretty much the same. Chat, email, and talk to others in a mobile community. Those things are fun, but it’s difficult to decide which one of the many options you want to pick. There’s eBuddy, qeep, Nimbuzz, and trutap, just to name a few. Of course there are others as well. So, which one do you choose? For starters you want one that’s free. There’s no point in paying a lot of money for something that you can get for free. Software downloads are becoming cheaper today overall, but there are still a lot of freeware options that won’t cost you a thing. Check those out before you spend any money on expensive software that might not do anything more than the free stuff.

If you do consider paying for one, make sure you can get a free trial to see if you like it before you buy. Once you’ve narrowed your choices you’ll want to take a look at the functionality. Some of the options for social networking and instant messaging do more than others, and when you need those functions you’ll want to make sure that you have them available. If you just get the first piece of software you can find, you might not be happy with it in the long-run. Some of the software download options are designed to let you talk with anyone, no matter what instant message company they have. Others are stricter and require you to all belong to the same thing. That’s important when you’re shooting for convenience, so do your research. Looking for themes? Check out our Nokia N72 themes section for more great deals on downloadable content!

Also, make sure that ‘free’ is really free. Some places let you download software for free, but if you want to subscribe to certain channels or enable certain functions you have to pay for those, and the hidden charges and fees can get you. You want your Nokia N72 to be a great mobile tool for you, both personally and in your business life. If you pay attention to what you really want and need, and if you make sure that the software download opportunities that you have are the right ones, you can get the functionality that you want at a price you can afford.