Nokia N95 8GB Software

Nokia N95 8GB
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If you have a Nokia N95 8GB version, you want the best software you can get to make full use of it. The good news is that there are a lot of programs out there that can help you do just that. Often, a simple software download can give you everything you need to make your Nokia into everything you’re looking for. One of the best pieces of software for the Nokia N95 8GB edition is Truphone, which lets you – provided you have Internet connectivity – make and receive calls for free to basically anywhere in the world. If you want to see where those people you’re calling actually are, and where you are if you get yourself lost, a software download of Mobile Gmaps will let you see everything like you do with Google Earth and will also give you the added benefit of GPS tracking. Both of these are great software options wherever you might be located.
That’s not all that the Nokia can do, though, and if you love interesting software there’s still a lot more that you can do with the phone. You can get the Opera Mobile Browser, and while it’s not quite as classy from a look-and-feel standpoint, it is faster than a standard Web browser, and most people think that speed is important when it comes to how fast you can access the Web and what you can do once you get there. Gmail Mobile is also a popular software application, since a lot of people use that email service based on its convenience and storage capacity. There are a lot more software downloads that can be listed as great ones, and most of them are free or nearly-free to download and use. Looking for themes? Check out our Nokia N95 8GB themes section for more great deals on downloadable content!

Regardless of the software that you get, the Nokia N95 8GB version is a great phone at a great price and it can do much more than a lot of phones are capable of. The option of downloading so much  software is an important one that most phones don’t really offer because they just don’t have enough storage space. With the 8GB version of an already great Nokia N95 phone, that’s one thing you won’t have to worry about. You can get essentially whatever software download you like and enjoy the benefits and the convenience of having everything you need at your fingertips.