Nokia themes, what’s so special?  

One of the things we love about Nokia phones, is that they support what we believe to be the best, most customizable and personalized themes on any mobile platform.

Nokia themes have an edge over other themes by offering an unprecedented level of customization. For example you can even customize the icons, clock and battery. The majority of other manufacturers only allow you customize the wallpaper, which isn’t really a ‘theme’. 

Creating your own nokia themes 

You can create your own themes using Carbide UI , Nokia’s theme creating tool. Nokia theming has become so popular that whole communities have emerged, where users can share their creations. Such communities as have user bases of over 650,000 members.  They have an impressive collection of themes and a beautifully designed website.

Using Carbide UI themers have the maximum control over their themes, though it takes some practice to perfect the skill. We’d recommend this for advanced users only. Sites such as Ownskin have developed tools, that allow users to create their own themes using a simplified online interface. While the results aren’t quite as good, they’re still impressive.

Some Nokia themers have fine tuned their skills to the point they actually have their own fan base. A few such as Babi from have even built websites to showcase their own themes, which have massive followings. Here at Nokiausers, we love Babi’s themes and recommend you take a look.