BrandonBrandon – Administrator/Director


I’m Brandon, owner and administrator of I started Nokia Users in late 2007 as an extension of N95Users, to allow discussion to continue users upgraded their N95. I currently live in Michigan, USA; dealing with short summers and long snowy winters.

When not reading mobile news you can typically find me SCUBA diving, watching movies, or playing a game or two. I am currently using a E90, which has proved the best mobile for my needs to date.


sp00kSp00k – Administrator/Moderator

Hi Folks! I was born in the UK at a very early age and decided as a teenager to stay here as english was the only language I could mumble fluently, became a licensed radio-amateur some years ago but now the entire sum of my knowledge of electronics could be written on the back of a postage stamp, with ample room left over for The Lord’s Prayer.

Had a few varied occupations, repo-man, steel analyst, rep, quality-controller, driver, progress-chaser, etc., but now able to indulge in my hobby of hedgehog-sexing and concentrate on my anti-social work. I’ve had an N95-1 for far too long but can’t find anything much better that’s worth the expense of upgrading to.

Became a G.B.A. (AKA a mod) more by accident than design, at a time when Pseudo and the erstwhile Salada2K were felt by Brandon to be in dire need of guidance.

MickyMicky – Editor/Moderator

I’m 38 years young, originally from the United Kingdom, but now reside in Finland, home of Nokia, where I’m married to my beautiful Finnish wife. I’m no stranger to the Telecommunications Industry, having worked around the Globe for Nokia, and several other major Telecom companies, planning, and building new Mobile Phone Networks over a several year period.

Professional experience are in Microwave, and RF Transmission planning, LOS (Line Of Sight), Installation, and Commissioning, including Rigging, climbing, in some cases, Radio Masts of up to 200 meters high.

I now trial devices, accessories, software, and applications for Nokia and you will always find me here at, who I also write for, and review all kinds of interesting mobile related gadgets, and gizmos. I have also been part of the Moderating team of, which has recently merged with Nokiausers, and everythingn82.

My hobbies are, yes, you guessed it, Nokia, as I’m a self confessed Nokia enthusiast, I love my gadgets also, love Diving, just like Brandon, the Admin of this site, and am also a bit of a film critic.


Mr GMr G – Moderator/Theme Master

How ya doing, I’m Mr G and here’s a bit about me.

I’m not as Technology minded as some of the guy’s here so all that i know I’ve learnt or picked up from the net/web.

I got into the whole Mobile phone scene by accident really.I had a 3650 years ago and was searching the web for app’s and i came across ‘Themes’!

I was well into the way they could customise the whole look of the interface and i immediately got the best phone at that time, the 6600, and so from then on the theme addictions started as did the handset addiction.

After a while i joined many sites that catered for themes and after a while joined the team at Dakku Studios as a Moderator at first then admin.
The site then changed it’s name to 4urmobilephone and then to themes4urmobilephone, so you may know me from those sites…maybe ;o)

I then joined N95users in 2007 not long after i got my N95 and i offered my Mod services and was taken on by my surprise and i was also Super Moderator at one of our sister sites, everythingn82 which is now merged into Nokia Users with N95users…….so I’ll see you around most probably.

IJM – Moderator/Photo Competition Manager

IJM here, A complete Nokia enthusiast, and have a passion for all things technical and electric.

I spent two years studying Electrical installation and Commercial electronics. Main hobbies are indeed Nokia phones, and messing around with power, small and high voltage.

Also have a mad passion for Manchester United (yes I am local) travelling all over Europe and the UK with my team.

My phone history is pretty much as you’d expect, strictly Nokia’s. Had a vast range of Nokia phones, peaking around 25 in the early 2000’s. I own mostly N Series devices now which I am more than happy with.

I joined N95users over a year ago, October 2007 and became a regular ever since. Built up a good knowledge of N series devices and can be found most days (and nights) on or as we now know it.

I became a moderator on the forum around 6 months ago, and I also run the monthly Nokia Users photo competition. More details on this can be found in the forum it’s self.

I won’t bore you any more, so thanks for stopping by and hopefully I’ll speak to you around the forum.


DayeneDayene – Forum Moderator

Hello everyone. I was born in Philippines, finished high school in the US, went back to Philippines and got a degree in BS in Nursing. I became a Nokia enthusiast the day I found this forum and grew out from here and started making my own mini blogs, but I already love gadgets and cute little things to start with.

It is my pleasure helping out in this forum because I made new good friends and I am sure you’ll feel welcome and comfortable here. I’m also starting out on photography and hoping I get better at it everyday. 🙂

DAYENE’s Photo Blog


JecktheHell – Forum Moderator
I am Jericho, 25 years young from Philippines. I am a typical Filipino who rides a “jeepney” on my way to work, can’t afford my own wheels.

I am working for an engineering company, and been busy lately looking for a job opportunity abroad to have some savings and hopefully start my own small business. I am fond of sports; basketball, billiards, boxing and running(but had to stop due to work, just don’t have much time).

A forum member since July ’07. I once ask tons of questions myself and I felt it would be just right to give back and offer any little help I can to the forum. I am just a PM away. I can say that my N95, family and work takes bulk of my time.


Bartmanekul – Forum Moderator

28 years old, and work in IT. Always liked mobile phones, but it really took off when I bought a 6110 Navigator. I bought it for the GPS, and discovered it could have applications installed on it.

Since then I have been heavily into GPS on mobiles, and found out a huge deal. I discovered this forum in that duration, and now help moderate. I review GPS programs for symbian when I have the time.