N85 Nokia

So what’s going on in the world of Nokia? The brand new Nokia N85 S60 and its Symbian OS 9.3. Early reviews are indicating that Nokia’s new smartphone is a great replacement to the Nokia N95. Lets check out the details.


– Stable operating system ensures superb performance

– Improved display very distinguished from the Nokia N95, crisp and brighter with more colors

– Exceptional sound quality with built-in stereo speakers that rival the Nokia N82

– One of the best 5 megapixel camera phones of the N-series

The Nokia N85 comes equipped with 10 N-Gage titles that bring your
mobile gaming environment to life on the dazzling OLED screen.
Illuminated gaming keys light up the phone when in landscape gaming
mode, ensuring an action-packed experience in various conditions.

Although it offers great functionality right out of the box, Nokia has
also made a downloadable application available that enables easy
customization with a wide range of content. This pre-loaded package
includes a selection of branding options and themes that give users the
power to completely personalize their mobile phone.