dtThanks to The Handheld Blog for spotting this new twitter app with a difference.  Different Tag is certainly a twitter client with a difference, difference in the way of user experience where a rotating dial selection is used to tweet, and read tweets.

Sound confusing?  Well just as well there is a video demo showing you what it does exactly, check it out below..

Different Tack is being marketed as “The Brain-Friendly Twitter Client”, and has been developed by FI, ‘Fluid Interaction’ is a UX specialist company. We believe that to design compelling user experiences, one needs to think beyond visual candy on the screen and to understand how the brain processes information. Based on research and experience we have developed a ubiquitous user interface paradigm *Tack.

Different Tack is available for free in Ovi Store for a limited time, so be quick, and grab it now, and see what you think of this new UI twitter experience.