1Its been a while since I have used MSN, the Chat service from Microsoft, Windows Messenger, or MSN as many of you will know it by.  Google Talk, Twitter, and Ovi Contacts had started to make their way into more, and more mobile devices, and this was probably down to Microsoft announcing that MSN will no longer be free to use, and it would become a paid service.

Well, I have no idea what happened about this paid service for MSN, as I have just installed this brand new client on my N97, and 5800, and there was no mention of paying for this service, however, in the Terms of Service, there is mention of paid for parts of the service, which you will be requested to fill in billing information for.

Anyhow, back to this free MSN client, its pretty darn good actually, and is by far the best MSN client I have used on a mobile device.  It does exactly what Ovi Contacts does too, that being deep Integration of your contacts on your device, adding an extra tab at the top of your contacts screen(see screenshots). I have only tested this client with S60 5th Edition, so please let usknow if it also works well on your S60 3rd Edition.

The download file is just under 3MB in size, but the good news is, it gives you the option of where to install the fail on your N97.  On my 5800, it didn’t, but if you setup your Ovi Store installation preferences to install to Memory Card, you should be fine.  Be patient whilst installing, as it does take quite some time to finish installation, and configuration into your handsets OS, so do not, cancel installtion once started, as this may cause you some problems.

You can checkout this MSN client for S60 here on Ovi Store.  Many Screenshots can be found after the break.