N96 viNe

Following on from my previous article here, telling you all about Nokia ViNe.  Nokia have now Officially Launched their Interactive site, Nokia ViNe, where you can now register an account, and download the application to your S60 device.  Up until now, its only been possible to view content, and was quite limited, but now being fully launched, you can get to see far more, and interact with everyone on ViNe.

Don’t know what Nokia ViNe is?  Well, its very similar to Nokia Sports Tracker, but with vine, you can not only share your journeys with everyone around the world, you can also show people what you did exactly with your S60 device whilst on said journey, be it listening to a certain piece of music, or videoing or taking photos.  With viNe running quietly in the background of your S60 device while carrying on your merry way, it records your every move, which then you can upload, and share.  More information can be found in my previous article, here.

Take a look around at the Nokia viNe website to find out more, and while there, register an account, select your Nokia device (Limited to several Nokia handsets currently, so check to see if your handset is listed), and download the viNe application to your handset.