A couple of new applications I have been rocking recently on my Nokia devices are well worth checking out.  The first application is called “Borg” and is a very well done facebook client with a pleasing UI, and smooth User Experience.

Borg – Facebook client , no server proxy calls, place and checkin integrated with Ovimap, photo and video upload, browse news feed, wall, friends, groups, events , messages, public pages and posts, more on the way. (version 1.1 still in beta and free). You can download Borg from Ovi Store here, or should we say, Nokia Store? 😉

Next up, the popular News reader application for CNN has arrived on Symbian devices via Ovi Store too, and this is well worth checking out too.

To find out more on the CNN client, head across to Ovi Daily App where its covered in detail.  My early impressions on both of these apps are that, Borg is a superb facebook alternative app for your Nokia, whilst the CNN app, although functional, is not quite as polished as it could be when compared to CNN on other platforms.