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    Restoring Backed up Stuff

    ok so i think i had a problem much like alot of other n95 users where the firmware was old and the phone felt slow and what not.

    i had that problem where the phone would randomly restart, then get really slow and/or freeze and also drop out of calls.

    i took it to 3, the provider of who i am with and they were like 'no worries all it needs is a firmware update and you should be sweet, have you backed everything up?'

    knowing that this was probably the case i had already backed up everything, all data from the phone, from memory card, calendar notes, settings, contacts and messages.
    When i first got the phone there was a release of a new firmware short after so i had already done one update and thats all since.

    so i got my phone back and everything seemed alot smoother, considering there was nothing on it. took it home plugged it in to restore everything and it just kept freezing when trying to restore.

    i spoke to some guy who seemed to know alot about the n95 and said that i needed the latest version of PC suit to do the update because i now had the newer version firmware.
    so after many attempts i finally got it work 100%.

    the problem was, although i checked for everything to be restored it only restored the files from the phone and memory card (photos an videos etc)

    so now im left with no contacts, no messages, no settings, and no calendar shiz and notes.

    ive tried to restore them over and over again keep getting the same deal, says its done 100% yet nothing changes.

    anyone got an idea of what could have happened and or how i can fix it?

    im pretty sure i might jsut head back to 3 and be like 'WTF!' or go to nokia and be like "WTF!" but my warranty for the phone runs out on the 30th of Junes so time is limited.

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    Mine did this from the v12 to v21 update, only it did restore my contacts (backed up to SIM just in case), but lost all my settings (themes, ringtones, key beeps, etc) and text messages.

    I just went back in and changed it back. Text messages I wasn't worried about.

    Just seems like it's something that the phone does when you upgrade to v21.

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    yeh i had a little read around and found its not that uncommon.

    very very very annoying if you didnt back up your contacts or if you needed messages but the rest is easy enough to put back yourself!

    luckily i found some log from syncing my phone and all my contacts were in that so i had to manually add them back.

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