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    GPS doesnt seem to work for me!

    Hi guy's.I have had my N95 for about a week now and i think i must be doing something wrong regarding the GPS...

    When i click on the Maps application on the main menu it opens to reveal a Globe and then a message appears which says.

    "Network usage disabled. You can enable it from application settings"

    So, if i click "ok" I get a globe appear with "options" on the bottom left and a satilite symbol with a red cross and "GPS Pos" at the bottom right.

    No matter how long i leave it doesnt seem to do anything. I have spoken to Nokia regarding this and they said i need to leave it for 6-7 mins outside......Well i have done this and still no joy.

    Am i doing something wrong or missing something out? Any help would be great.

    Cheers guys

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    Try clicking options->map options->satellite info and see if you have any signal..if you do have, then wait as long as it takes, be shure you are outside.
    If you don't go to Settings->General->Positioning->Pos. Methods and check if the Integrated GPS is selected.
    If this doesn't work than you should try to reinstall the firmware or in the worst case you are having problems with the GPS antenna.

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