Hi everyone!

Long time! I am having some serious issues now with my Nokia 8 of just only 11 months!
Still in pretty good condition, yes it may have had a drop here and there with a rubber casing

Just a couple nights ago I decided to go on my phone (3:30am pprox.) unplug from charger and was just scrolling through facebook via. Chrome and noticed it the whole app froze, and none of the buttons/touchscreen was responsive, didn't even want to lock. Just thought casually to force power off by holding the power/lock button for maybe 10 seconds and thus it did turn off. Straight afterwards I tried turning it on and to my surprise it didn't turn on, even holding the power button for a good length of time, to no avail.
No lights on the panel and didn't even recognise the charger.

I researched here and there and tried the different "holding down" button combos (Volume Up/Down and Power Button) but absolutely nothing!

I thought it was probably stuck on a boot or something, thus I went ahead and removed the screen (will need replacing unfortunately) and disconnected the battery ribbon cable, and after a minute and plugged it back in, hoping that it will finally power on. Nothing changed.

I am now left absolutely scratching my head and almost exhausted my options as I have been left without a phone, missing out on calls and messages for work and now really worried doing the button combos might've erased my phone's data/memory! :crying:

I am either wanting to repair my phone (getting out of its bricked state) or backing up or dumping the memory containing my contacts and SMS messages!

I have not come across anything like this exactly from other users, everyone seems to have been able to get the screen working and enter recovery/safe mode(s). But for this to just happen right on front of me is just bizarre and un-explainable!

Does anyone know if they may have experienced this whatsoever? And if anyone can help me on this??

I would really really appreciate it! ??