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    FYI: An easy way to reprogram your predictive dictionary if it learns a "stupid" word

    One of my most common frustrations with the N series predictive text has been that it learns word too easily. As an example, deciding that you want to insert some more words in the middle of a text, if you position the cursor( a pipe | in the example below) at the start of an existing word (e.g. world, in the example below):

    Hello world|
    Hello |world
    Hello big blue |world

    Your dictionary has now learned bigworld and blueworld as words. Retarded bugs like this mean it's quite easy to overflow your dictionary with crap, as it is only capable of holding 4kb of data, and some of that is used for words that are legitimately found in the normal dictionary, so that they alter priority (i.e. N series predictive dictionaries are lame)

    Now, occasionally it learns a really stupid thing, like "PhD" instead of "she" or "nx" instead of "my" and the advice is to write the word you want, over and over again until it flicks priority. In theory this shouldnt take long, but sometimes it gets boring writing the same word over and over..

    There's a quicker way, and I don't know if anyone ever posted it, but basically the predictive system looks at the underlined word whenever space is pressed, and adds the word or raises the the priority each time

    So if your phone has learned a dumb word like "md" instead of "me", just:

    1) Write md
    2) * til it becomes me
    3) Press space
    4) Press back twice, so that me is underlined again
    5) Goto 3 (possibly many times; check occasionally to see if the priorities have changed by writing the word afresh)

    Just repeatedly underlining and spacing off the word will rapidly bump its priority up.. And its much less laborious than writing me me me me me me me me me me and having to * each one til it comes right

    Notes from user feedback:

    New words are inserted with a priority counter of 4, and "compete" with the existing dictionary word which gets a priority of (i think) 1.. Every time you use either word, the counter for that word rises by one. If you have (in the past) written quite a few texts when you accidentally used the "dumb" word, you'll have more underline-space_off cycles to complete than if your phone only just learned the "dumb" word
    The phone also alters priorities of existing dictionary words and this techniqu can be used to change priority to what you prefer, if you bought your phone second hand.
    You can of course, also delete the predictive dictionary file entirely (use a file manager to remove the file you find inside C:\Predic on your phone's memory) and start again, but it's not always desirable

    I'm off to teach my N95 all the swear words it keeps forgetting (because I don't use them *that* often.. Honest )
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    doesn't work for me
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    doesnt work for me either.
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    Replace the 'dumb' word with the word that you require three times in succession, having to 'spell' or 'select' it each time and it will replace it with the word that you need...
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    utluna, dani2xll..

    How many times did you underline then space off the word? Once? twice? You might have to do this tens or hundreds of times, depending on what the counter in the predictive file has been raised to..

    I just re-tested this on my 95:

    I wrote the word BMW (like, the car make) which is on the same keys as ANY
    Underline it, press space
    Check the sequence by typing 269 -> phone still writes ANY
    Change it to bmw with * (it's the second guess)
    Press back on the D pad twice so bmw underlines again
    Press space
    Repeat this 20 times
    Now your phone will always suggest BMY when you want to write any
    To revert it (i.e. correct the dictionary if the phone learns a dumb word) you have to write BMW, * it to become ANY, and then underline and space off it 20+ times

    Note when I say space, I literally mean press the 0 key when the word is underlined. I do not mean press left or right on the D pad...

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    spook: New "dumb" words are inserted with a priority of 4, I believe (from looking at a hex of the predic\101..dat file) so spelling it 3 times (or just writing the word you want and underlining and then spacing off it) will work if the "dumb" word has only been used once..

    When I acquired my 95 second hand, it had been used by someone who maybe talked about himself more than I like to, because it was always suggesting ME instead of OF, and my N80 was the other way round. I had to write OF into it about 200 times before the priority changed.. And that was a lot of 63*0 63*0... I wish I'd known then I could have just written OF once, then repeatedly underlined it and spaced off it to reorder the priorities..

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