Hi All,
My mum can't handle the new phones with all the software on so i've been trying to get her a decent modern phone that is easy to use.

The 3310 new model would have been perfect as she used to have the old model.

Main Things She Doesn't Like:
  • When you press menu, the list isn't a good order, her old 3310 was: 1 - phone book, 2 - messages, 3 - call register. (messages is now number 6 i think)
  • The threaded messages, the old 3310 was simple, inbox, send, drafts etc.

Another issue is when you get over 200 messages, if you look through them you might find that messages from Thomas have now become messages from Roy, a factory reset fixes this but the same thing happens again after around 200 messages.

Anyhow, the question i have is there anywhere that can modify the phone software and change the order of the menu and switch threaded texts to standard texts?