Today did a bit of 'humping and dumping' some furniture about - an hours worth, no more and all the time my phone was in a 'map pocket' where I normally keep it. Wen to use it and it was totally dead. I just knew it was locked and there was a full charge this morning and I do not have anything running aside from the AV. Was a tad concerned. Got home and plugged it in to charge......nothing. Tried everything - nothing. Connected to me laptop and the lappy found it ok including all files. Hmmm very odd. So I stripped it - removed battery / sim reinserted put the back cover back on and pressed the 'on' button. It came to life and showed a full battery. So I am thinking perhaps the battery got dislodged or perhaps the sim. However I find this strange because I work in an environment where both me and the phone are subject to higher and more sporadic vibrations etc than the average user. Not had this issue at all.

I recently activated F-Secure to evaluate and in that program there is a function that kills the phone if it is lost or stolen. I thought it might have something to do with that. I cannot find anything to verify that so am stumped.

Anyone else had this?