Hack 808 FP2?
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Thread: Hack 808 FP2?

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    Hack 808 FP2?

    Hi guys, just got another Pureview and wanting to hack it so I can install a music player that can play FLAC files (not found one besides Folderplay that can do this).

    Anyone done this? Is this method sound? How to hack Nokia Belle FP2 (808, 701, 603, 700) to remove certificate & component is built in errors with & without Flashing? | Nokia N8 Fan Club
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    yes u can do it like that, better is to load a CFW, you will get more space.

    [UPDATE 12.17]Nokia 808 RM-807 Euro1 113.010.1507 Belle FP2 Awakening 7 By M4C35

    the phone will also get quicker and smother.


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