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    Menu scrollbar and others - not working


    I've just got a new 808 and since my previous phone was Nokia N8, I have a good comparison of what each of them is capable of.
    One thing that I can't get to work is the scrollbar in the Main Menu and several other menus (for example in Add a Widget). In N8, you could hold the slider on the scrollbar and quickly scroll down to the bottom of the menu. In 808 however, I can't get it to work. The slider disappears after a second and I'm left with scrolling the screen with a finger several times to go to the bottom.

    My question is: is there perhaps a new way of how the sliders on the scrollbar operate or is it simply (and sadly) a step backwards from what was in N8?

    Also, when I charge the phone with an AC charger, the screen stops responding - I don't know why it is like that - it only affects the screen. My software version is 113.010.1508 dated 2012-10-15

    Thanks in advance for clarifications.
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    The slider is still there but I agree that it workd worse than on the N8, I have trouble keeping my finger on it as well. The screen behaviour during charging is not normal, I would suggest taking it to a Nokia Care point to be checked while it is still under warranty.
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