"Belle Feature Pack 3" CFW(!) for the Nokia 808

Published by Steve Litchfield at 11:45 UTC, December 22nd 2013

Consider this completely untested (by me), but it may well be of interest to any Nokia 808 owners still playing with various custom firmware and evaluating which is best for them. Dubbed "Belle Feature Pack 3" by its creator, the link and changelog (over the stock Belle FP2) are included. Comments welcome if you get time to try this.

I suppose I should note that the usual caveats apply - if you don't know how to flash custom firmware then don't proceed - and don't blame us if something goes wrong and your 808 is rendered inoperative(!)

But here goes. Compiled by Marcus Nägelle, here is "Feature Pack 3" CFW for the Nokia 808 in English and German:

Feature Pack 3 by testi100 v2.4 ( 05.09.2013) 113.010.1508

The changelog over stock Belle FP2 is:

editable Equalizer (long click on the sound profile to edit)
Edit ID3 tags possible
Possibility to create own subfolders
Symbian Anna notification Widget
possibility to install unsigned programs
Theme effects can be disabled or install custom theme effects
PopUps can be turned off
Browser agent (it can be located via the Nokia browser "pretend to be using an Google Chrome, iP4 or a Firefox browser on the Internet" to get optimized or the desktop version)
Voice recorder mod: 720min recording @256 kbps, stereo
Build in all new FW updates
Symbian Anna email Widget
Camera menu: maximum possible resolutions 41MP (full resolution) & increased 12MP (PureView), compression quality from 85 to 95% in all resolutions
Medium white menu button lights up red during the charging process, flashing when battery full
N8 Photo editor built in
FM transmitter sends per RDS "Nokia808"
Additional widget "Watch with profile display/selection" (much like in Symbian Anna)
Transparent profiles, weather & radio Widget
additional small Music Player Widget (3 sizes)
Script and writing languages: German, English (+ Russian keyboard)
RomPatcher in German and English incl. many other patches
changed design of the battery, antenna, signal strength & icons
FM radio in landscape
Metadata editor also in german
SMS Chat style view in the iOS
added icons (for example Device Manager, USB, topics, speed dial, profiles, connection manager,...)
Theme Black edition v2 by testi100
Web browser FIX by hqnqvn
Built-in startup app (for apps when starting the unit that can be started automatically)
PopUp ("no mobile data connection available") removed
RomPatcher: new patch (VolumeHigh PopUp FIX - the name says it all)
Menu LED flashes during charging red notifications
increased Max volume over headphones
Revised keyboard (key colors such as Android 4.2, yellow smilie icon)
Some other mods and apps you can find on the phone under C/ _tools/mods after flashing the CFW

Quite an impressive set of changes, here are a few screens from Marcus of the firmware in action:

Homescreens on Marcus's 808....

The dialler and browser mod options...

The tweaked QWERTY keyboard..