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    trouble with gps and other in offline mode

    Last year i bought a 3000mha mugen battery for my 808. I train for triathlons and long runs, bike rides, and also hikes that can last several hours. I run either sports tracker app or micoach while doing these activities. With everything running i the phone easily lasts with lots of juice to spare.
    This year i upgraded to the lumia 1020, with the hopes if using the 808 as my sports tracker with no sim card. First off even with sim card in the 808 i had to use GPSinfoQT app to lock the satellite signal then go into the sports app to ensure proper tracking via gps. An extra step but no issue really.

    Since removing my sim from the 808, i cannot get a proper satellite lock with either Nokia maps, nor with GPSinfoQT app. Worse the GPSinfo app stopped loading. I get a swirly on the screen then nothing. I tries uninstalling and reinstalling with no effect.

    Further, i have phone set to offline mode yet i keep getting a connection error message on the phone where a drop down error message appears from the top of screen telling me my phone failed to make a data connection. This occurs with no apps running and every possibly data connection turned off.

    Any ideas how to get my gps working without data/sim would be greatly appreciated. Would custom firmware such as delight help at all or have no effect?


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    Hi there, similar to yourself I frequently use Sports tracker to track my movements when i head out on a long hike or hillwalk.

    I recently went out and bought a spare Nokia 808 and used one 'online' and one 'offline' - neither had any issues picking up the satellite signals- the offline one took longer, but still picked up the signal and kept a lock and tracked my movements with no issue.

    Sounds to me like it may be an GPS antenna issue- have you perhaps dropped the phone / got it wet? - that might cause the Antenna to fail?

    I used to have a Nokia N95 and once had the housing replaced on it- and the guy broke my GPS Antenna- that resulted in the issue you describe- ie- No lock.

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    I too invested in the Mugen 3000 mah battery- its amazing- lasts all day and beyond with the heaviest use.

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