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    Thinking about getting a Nokia 808. Some questions...

    I am thinking of getting a Nokia 808 (down to around $130 now) - mainly for testing Symbian apps to recommend others (I work for a non-profit), but I admit that what I've read about the camera + audio recording capabilities of the 808 have me looking at it rather than older, cheaper Symbian-based phones.

    I will NOT have a SIM card for this as I don't think the SIM in my everyday phone, a Samsung Note 3 with T-Mobile, will fit. If this is the case, will it still be possible for me to get any OS updates that don't come with my new 808 - either via Wi-Fi only or by connecting to my computer?

    Any app recommendations, esp in light of the types of apps popular for today's iOS and Android users (social media, photo/video, etc.)? Are there alternative app stores I should know about aside from the official Nokia app store?

    Any tips on how get started and how to make the most of my 808?

    Aside from cost, is there any reason to consider a different Nokia model instead of the 808? I'm assuming it is the best Nokia ever made, but I've never been a Nokia guy.

    Thanks for any & all input.

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    You should be able to get all updates (not that I expect any to come any longer, but at least you can catch up on the ones which do not come on the handset out of the box) over wifi. App support and availability is getting worse by the day, I have no idea what is currently still available. Symbian is effectively dead and I honestly don't see any point in testing apps to recommend to others if the OS is no longer supported. You can find a lot of useful info at
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