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    Nokia N8 stands firm against the Xperia Arc

    Aka - my flirt with a slim Android

    I'm a smartphone enthusiast and I rarely have a phone as my everyday device for more than 3-6 months at a stretch. And with all the devices coming out this year featuring things like dual-core processors, 3D and - behold - decent cameras on a flourishing OS, I didn't want to be left behind.

    I looked around a little, but being addicted to phone-camera photography, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc was a given. I waited until after launch to read user reviews and they were remarkably positive. So I bought one - misty silver in color.

    To get to the end of the story - the Arc was a pleasant surprise in all respects, save one - I was not impressed by the camera, quite the opposite, I was very disappointed. The quality of the photos taken on the retail units appears to have degraded from what was seen on pre-release prototypes.

    I was basically looking for something that was at least as good as my old Samsung Omnia HD i8910 in the photo department, but was better than the N8 at web-surfing, writing and receiving email and general application functionality. The Arc was great in all else - really what the X10 had promised to be, but failed to live up to.

    I might have kept my Arc too, but the Samsung Galaxy SII appears to have an even better camera and better specs in every other department save looks - that and I do already have two Nokia N8s - so I sent the Arc back.

    Honestly, the Nokia N8 that I can fall back on has proven to be far more reliable and solid in terms of key deliveries - battery life and connectivity - and Android's equal or close to it in many departments - emailing, general web browsing and a number of good applications. Strangely, it feels like I've also got stringent control of the data coming into and going out of my N8 whereas on Android it feels like you're flying by the seat of your pants or surfing the web without a firewall. Data pours into it in loads of background processes and Lord knows what personal data gets flushed out onto the Web.

    Even with my failing unit, the N8 just works or it doesn't. My Arc worked brilliantly some days, was wobbly others and constantly low on battery. I had data corruption of my full set of Exchange email inbox 2-3 times and loss of connection with Exchange and my SIP voip provider somewhat regularly - and worse, in the background, so I didn't realize it until I actively checked things out. On the N8, if something shuts down, which is almost never, you know about it almost immediately. The N8 is a rock.

    So even with the devices coming out elsewhere, the Nokia N8 can still hold it's own if you're willing to give it a chance. Hopefully the upcoming 2.0 update will strengthen that position further. And in the camera area, it looks to be the main competition for at least another year or two - although I really hope Nokia will continue to improve their cameras in the future rather than settling for the fixed focus garbage they've settled on now.
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    + 4.2" screen, brilliant colors, good touch feeling
    + Latest version of Android
    + Huge range of excellent apps
    + Built-in SIP Voip support
    + Excellent standard Android onscreen keyboard
    + Brilliant browser
    + Flash 10.1/10.2
    - Grease magnet screen (not Gorilla Glass)
    - Plastic feel
    - Camera not at all up to standard advertised
    - Connectivity issues
    - Battery life issues

    Nokia N8
    + Best camera on the market
    + Excellent connectivity in range of compatability and quality of connection
    + Solid native SIP Voip support (with minor modification)
    + Reliability
    + Very good websurfing with Opera 11
    + Good landscape keyboard
    + Gorilla Glass screen
    + Excellent battery performance
    + Excellent build quality
    - Small screen resolution
    - Device ergonomics (e.g. easy to drop, hard to press menu button)
    - Dead-man-walking OS

    My opinion in brief:
    When my first N8 broke and I couldn't repair it - I bought another one!
    Once I had the Xperia Arc for 4 days and heard about a new Android phone that "might" be better - I returned it!

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    Thanks Quist!

    It's members/bloggers like you who really give some real and honest reviews and feedbacks over the net..

    As to the Arc, I too was holding some hope that it could be up to at least the Satio's standrads camera-wise!

    It all turned just some marketing propaganda!
    Everyone was talking about night shots and incrediblly high ISOs due to that latest technology of Sony (latest Exmor sensor).. All turned out to be mere BS!

    Even wrt display referred as Bravia Engine is just an enhancement over X10's normal TFT LCD.. I think they beat that horrible S-LCD of HTC but that's it..

    As all SE phones are, the phone is really stylish.. SE really know how to design mobile phones in style!
    All those Android high ends simply look as blackish squared flat bricks..
    Only SE's are different.. A point highly considered by those who care to own stylish phones as well as highly functional smartphones..

    Other than that, SE disappoint! I really feel sorry for them.. I was always a fan of their products before they made that Android jump.. They did a pretty decent job this year in comparison with the last by fixing many of the issues they suffered at.. Still though, they're failing to produce a high-end hit!

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