Why does the new-fangled stupid OVI Music Player refuse to recognise properly my N86?
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    Why does the new-fangled stupid OVI Music Player refuse to recognise properly my N86?

    I've been using Nokia Music Manager purely for convenience and it works fine for the purpose I need it for, so please spare me the advice of transferring my ripped files in Data Transfer mode etc.

    After the forced update to the new OVI Music Player (I tried to ignore it but Nokia Music Manager just shut down so I had to update) it works fine with my 5800, but boy is it total rubbish when I try the N86.

    It shows up as "S60 Handset", almost all albums lose the artist names and album art when I transfer from PC and I can only transfer to the Mass Memory and not to the memory card - I cannot find any option in the settings to allow the switch, so when I re-transfer everything from Mass Memory to memory card it goes completely haywire.

    I have to admit that I hate everything named OVI with a passion and I dread the day when the standard PC Suite will disappear and OVI Suite will be the only option.

    Thankfully I rewrote this rant three times before posting it, otherwise most of it would be censored. I hate wasting my time on trying to make Nokia's half-assed support software work properly.

    Anyone got any suggestions ? I really love the FM Transmitter on the N86 and I will be driving a lot this weekend.
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    Yes, if you read some of my posts you'll see I've had the same experience with OVI- the version that comes with the phone is a complete waste of time.

    I recommend you try the betalabs version of OVI 2.0 -i'm using it and it allows you to send music directly to the N86 memory card.

    You can also do playlists and all the usual things you did with PC Suite- bear in mind that its a beta and consequently there are glitches with the software- but it is usable.

    Hope this helps!

    ps -don't know why they didn't just use PC Suite- we're all used to it and it did the job for me and i assume most others.

    Here is the link http://betalabs.nokia.com/betas/view/nokia-ovi-suite-20
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