V30 Product Codes ?
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    V30 Product Codes ?

    Does anybody know of any product codes that will prompt NSU to offer V30 rather than V31 firmware for an N95-1 ? I ask for two reasons. I have a battered N95-1 I got for £20, it was run over ! It has a broken screen, looks like it's 'burst' Slide is shot,but still switches on and is almost usable it is running V12 ATM (The TV out lead works !), I intend to repair it and sell it to a mate but of course he wants it 'Hacked'. The other reason is if such a product code exists, shouldn't we be telling peeps about it before Nokia offer V31 for all product codes ?
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    I am not certain it would work but you may be able to de-brand to a servers code that only offers updates to V30.

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