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    Tips & Tricks: Resetting Your Predictive Text Dictionary

    I find that one of the more annoying limitations with S60 devices is that fact that once your device has “learned” a new word and added it to your predictive text dictionary, there’s no going back. It seems that every time I add a new word to the user dictionary it replaces a more commonly used word. I make enough mistakes with T9 so the last thing I need is “yes” being replaced by “WEP” every time I type it, just because I was talking to someone amonth ago about WiFi security… I’m sure that everyone reading this right now has experienced this annoying scenario.

    Thanks to a chat with Matt of The SymbianVerse blog I now know that there is a way to delete user additions without having to go as far as formatting your device. Unfortunately it’s an “all or nothing” solution (all user additions are removed) but it’s still far better than having to back up all of your data and perform a hard reset.

    Getting a fresh start with predictive text is actually quite simple:
    Use a file browser (Y-Browser, ActiveFile, X-plore, etc) and delete the directory C:\Predic (delete the entire directory, not just the DAT file within).
    Reboot your device.

    That’s it! Now you can enjoy a blank slate - at least until the next time you add a word that you shouldn’t have…

    -Symbian in Motion

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    Hi, thanks for those informations !
    But can somebody help me ? I have exactly the same problem on my C3 but those file browsers (Y-Browser, ActiveFile, X-plore, etc) don't work on the Nokia C3.

    I've tried to find another file browser to delete the Predic directory but i've not found any that could find it. It's an invisible directory, i think.

    Does somebody know any file browser (Java or working on Nokia C3) that could find and delete this Predic Directory ?

    Thank You


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