nhrHaving been lucky enough to visit Nokia House myself, I can confirm its an amazing place with really interesting architecture mainly consisting from glass, its beautiful.

My first visit was a memorable one, being a Nokia enthusiast, it was a longtime passion of mine to go to the Holy Grail of Nokia.

Nokia Conversations have recently published a series of new photos showing you more than just the public areas from inside the Holy Grail, showing you the Sauna, and exercise rooms which cater for Nokia employees. Each time I have visitied Nokia House, I always feel a relaxing environment.


Nokia House is located by the seaside and depending on where you happen to sit, you can admire either a gorgeous seaview or a congested motorway from its large windows. The majority of staff sit in open-plan offices and squabble over meeting rooms – there are never enough available!

Head across to Nokia’s Official Blog Nokia Conversations to see for yourself, the great Nokia House in all it’s glory.