AlpineAlpine Electronics, the leading automotive and systems and audio specialist, announced today together with Nokia and NAVTEQ a strategic partnership to bring a new connected technology called Terminal Mode to car infotainment systems.

ncpThis technology will provide Nokia’s Ovi services such as navigation, powered by NAVTEQ maps, through smartphones that are integrated into the car environment. By integrating the smartphone handset seamlessly with in-car electronics, this technology is able to bring smartphone widget-based services like navigation, music, weather reports and application stores, in addition to the usual call and talk functions of a mobile phone into the car environment.

Once connected, and with appropriate safety measures in place, users are able to ergonomically and safely use navteqservices and applications through the high resolution screens and audio systems embedded in the car. The technology was developed in cooperation with CE4A and paves the way for standardized interface between smartphones and automotive infotainment systems.

The infotainment system of a modern car is a natural extension for the capabilities of smartphones. Not only will it simplify the use of turn-by-turn voice guidance from Ovi Maps, but also provide a new and easy way of accessing other content on the smartphone, such as music, and delivering automotive specific widgets from the Ovi Store,” said Vishal Chatrath, Head of Product Development for Nokia Automotive.