asArja Suominen, former Nokia Communications head of Nokia says Goodbye to the company after 25 years, and shares her story about Nokia, and the NokiaDNA, telling us how different Nokia has changed over the years since she joined the company.

She states that when she first joined Nokia back in 1986, they specialised in Paper, and rubber, and supplied the UK of 30% of their total supply of loo roll. ·This may not seem newsworthy alone, so I will let you read the full, and touching story over at Nokia Conversations.

Here’s one of the questions Nokia Conversations asked Arja, proving that she understands the importance of Nokia’s Official Blog.

NC: Any advice to us people running Nokia Conversations?

AS: Conversations always brings me great pleasure. It’s been an enormous success – it’s now the fourth most popular corporate blog. I’d love you to continue to increase the reach and readership figures. The increasing number of languages will certainly drive that.

But there’s something more important than that. It must always remain a place where people can discuss, argue and raise new questions. You started a true dialogue and that’s something very precious.

Head over to Nokia Conversations to read the full Q&A about Nokia’s DNA through the eyes of Arja. On behalf of Nokiausers, I would like to wish Arja all the very best for her future ventures, and hope that she stays in touch!