Over at Nokia’s Official Blog, Nokia Conversations, Adam has posted a great article about NFC, (Near Field Communications), sharing some well known facts, and some not so well known about this not so new technology.·

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a word quite commonly used at the moment, but it’s often just that. A word. It’s rarely been used in the real-world, but it’s a great technology. Nokia have used NFC before, many times in many different countries, but what for? Read on to find out about the future, in the past.


Nokia began creating NFC enabled phones back in 2007 and are still using the technology today, so head across to Nokia Conversations to find out more on the various ways Nokia and NFC have already been used. ·

As you maybe aware, more, and more brands are now pushing into the NFC sector for mobile payments, and one would hope that Nokia embraces and markets NFC to their advantage, and not let the competition run away with it like Apple did with FaceTime, when in actual fact Nokia had front facing camera’s on their mobiles long long before Apple did.