According to Engadget some Nokia invites to a 12th of April Nokia event have slipped out earlier raising questions what has Nokia got up their sleeve for Nokia users? ·Some blogs are reporting the big Symbian^3 Update is incoming that many have been waiting for, others indicating something do to with gaming.


Take a look at the image above however, notice that most of it is the new Nokia Font with only the Nokia Connecting People in the old style font? ·Maybe it’s something related to that, or a combination of many new updates for Symbian^3 that will win back many Nokia users to Symbian. ·

Remember, Symbian is far from dead so don’t believe the negative posts going around. ·Yes, Symbian^3 does indeed have a shelf-life now, maybe a year or two, and with Nokia supposedly launching 12 or more Symbian devices this year there is plenty to look forward to.