nf&cOver at the NSeries Blog there is a great post from Alvin Chin, who is a Senior Researcher for Nokia Research Centre, Beijing where he goes into great detail to explain how Nokia Find & Connect can work for you best. Here is a snippet from his post.

In a sentence, what is Nokia Find & Connect?

Nokia Find & Connect takes social networking to the next level with ‘ephemeral social networking’ which analyses how relationships are established through various contexts and content at any given time, place or duration; it brings a new socially intuitive aspect to location based services.

What do you hope to achieve with Nokia Find & Connect?

With Nokia Find & Connect, we hope to make it easier for individuals to remember whom they met at an event, the interactions that resulted from the recording of social ‘encounters’, and help users expand their social networking opportunities to people they have not met face-to-face in, for example conference situations.  Nokia Find & Connect can automatically recommend people to meet based on physical proximity, shared interests and the number of times users have crossed paths.  With Nokia Find & Connect, the goal is to integrate physical social networking at an event or place of encounter automatically with online social network services, to enrich social interactions and social experiences.

You can check out the full detailed post from Alvin here at NSeries Blog.