sinnNokia Conversations, Nokia’s Official Blog proudly annouced recently that Nokia had won the Social Innovation Award in London.

Launched in 2009,·The Social Innovation Awards, hosted by·, is targeted at rewarding companies for their commitment to sustainability and efforts for a more socially conscious future. At this year’s event, on March 25, Nokia won the·Most Strategic Use of Philanthropic Funds award. Great news.

So how does one win a Social Innovation Award? Well, companies highlight their latest practical applications for advancing social and environmental responsibility and innovation through their organisation and Justmeans make a judgement as to who’s doing the most or best.

Congrats to Nokia, a leading brand that have been there right from the word go when it comes to Social Media, and their presence on facebook, twitter, and many other Social Networking sites is second to none. ·No other big brand is so open, and contactable such as Nokia, and Im proud to say that I am indeed a Nokia enthusiast, and wish them all the very best with the hard work that is to come with their transition to Windows OS on Nokia devices..

Further information on this award, and Nokia projects around the world which lead to the win can be found here at Nokia Conversations.