scJust so you know, our Nokiausers readership, we here at Nokiausers have tried very hard to get our very own Ovi Store application submitted to be available for you all to follow our news, reviews, and interviews on your Nokia device, but sadly, just like Simon Cowell on a bad day, we keep on getting rejected time, and time again.

The reasons for these continued rejected submissions to Ovi Store are somewhat confusing. ·Ovi Store representatives keep telling me that because Nokiausers has ‘Nokia’ in its name, it breaches copyright. ·Balls to that, if this is the case, then why are there so many other blogs and sites being accepted into Ovi Store with their apps? ·

Many of the submitted, and accepted apps I and many others have noticed not only have ‘Nokia’ in their app name, there are also several apps been accepted with the name, ‘Symbian’, or ‘Maemo’, and even ‘MeeGo’. I am getting tired of being asked daily by my followers as to why Nokiausers don’t have an application available in Ovi Store.

So come on Nokia, why reject our submissions all the time?  There has been many of my friends from Nokia/Ovi on twitter that have tried to help me get Nokiausers app in Ovi Store, but each and every time, we hit a brick wall.!  What gives!?!