vidIts been a while since I posted a new Interview With a Nokia Enthusiast Interview, and this in part is due to me being in the process of moving apartments, however, in this latest Interview, our Nokia Enthusiast under the spotlight, tnkgrl from the US went the extra mile, and instead of simply answering my Interview questions in text form for the Nokiausers Series, she recorded an in-depth, and very detailed account of all her answers in a Video for us all.  

You may want to put the kettle on, and get yourselves comfortable, as the video is over 40 minutes long, and I have broken it down into five parts.

tnkgrl is very well known, and respected in the mobile space, and I value her time, and effort in carrying out this Interview with Nokiausers. tnkgrl has been involved in the Developing field for quite sometime now, and this experience shows in the following videos.  I won’t go into too much detail now, as she does a mighty fine job of letting you all know her background in her videos.

As mentioned, tnkgrl is very connected in the mobile space, and can be found at the following sites, Buzz, flickr, Qik, twitter, Youtube, and of course, her blog, tnkgrl.

Many of you may remember Matthew Bennett’s Nokia Daily News, (now known as nseriesus) where he filmed a video round up of all the daily Nokia related news posted up around the blogosphere, and reported it in such a great style, it was really popular, but sadly, Matt stopped doing this, but in doing so, he started working with tnkgrl with a new series called Talking with tnkgrl, which too is now also very popular.  Checkout the videos below, as one of my questions to tnkgrl is about Matt Bennett’s show. 

First video, 1 of 5


Nokiausers – Interview with Nokia Enthusiast – tnkgrl pt1 of 5 from Micky Aldridge on Vimeo.

Part 2 of 5

Part 3 of 5 

Nokiausers – Interview with Nokia Enthusiast – tnkgrl Pt 3 of 5 from Micky Aldridge on Vimeo.

Part 4 of 5

Final Part, 5 of 5