oltI’m a big supporter of Ovi Life Tools, and having had the pleasure to meet one of the worlds leading experts from Lonely Planet, Frances Linzee Gordon whilst at Nokia World last year in Germany, I know all too well how important, and life changing Ovi Life Tools is.

Nokia/Ovi Life Tools has thus far saved many lives in remote, and isolated areas in third world countries, and has even brought a better way of life to many communities, and families too by bringing live, up to date data to users mobile devices which in turn has helped businesses get the best prices available for their farms produce.

Following on the steps of the very promising reception in both China and Nigeria, Life Tools will next launch its healthcare channel in India and Indonesia soon. The healthcare service topics varies from market to market but includes things like pregnancy and childcare, respiratory, hepatitis B, women’s health, men’s health, diabetes and general health and fitness. 

Think of the amount of people in rural areas of emerging markets without health facilities close-by – simple health awareness messages and information like these can help make a difference in their lives. And all this can be done without a packet data connection, as this service is based solely on text messages.

For further details on this latest Life Tools expansion, head across to Ovi Blog.  More information also available over at Nokia Conversations, Nokia’s Official Blog.