pushtechHaving had some serious hands on time with the Push Snowboarding Technology, the sensors, and seeing for myself what can be achieved with the data, its come as no surprise to see the Push team going all Minority Report on us now.

The possibilities are literally endless with this kind of tech, and I’m really excited for Push, and look forward to more amazing things to come.

The NSeries Blog has put together quite a comprehensive interpretation post of the Push data sheets, which has to be shared because it’s so awesome, so below, and after the break, you can find a few highlights from their great post which compliments the Push team very well, however to read, and see their complete post on Push, and their futuristic move, head across to NSeries here.

First up is Zoho Lab’s interactive video player/scrubber that showcases the data the Push Snowboarding kit has captured during a run which allows you to see a spike in the data and move the video cursor to see exactly what caused it! Click the image below to see how it works for yourself.


Another favourite interpretation was created by Signal Noise. Check out the futuristic digital floating data display they’ve developed below and see a video of it in action.

In September 2010, we announced the Nokia x Burton collaboration to the world. Only 7 months later, Push Snowboarding launched big time at the US Open. Some of the world’s greatest riders tested the kit and members of the public gave us their thoughts as we asked the question: what could Push Snowboarding become next? Head over to Push Snowboarding and let the team know your thoughts.