colourWith the Nokia N8 being shipped in a few lovely colours, including that bright Orange, and cool blue colour, one would expect to be happy with the choices on offer, however, Nokia Conversations have recently posted a new Poll asking their readers, if there was another coloured N8 available, which colour would you choose?

Personally I selected “Other” in the poll as the colour White was not an option. ·Don’t ask, but for some reason, I seem to love white or silver phones.

Head across to Nokia’s Official Blog, Nokia Conversations and cast your vote for the colour you would like to see an N8 become available in. ·Who knows, Nokia may in actual fact make the most voted colour available for all.

I noticed my good friend Ricky Cadden cast his vote for a Cambo coloured N8, which is pretty cool. ·You can see his photo shopped N8 below.

What colour N8 would you like to see Nokia sell?