As you may of noticed, its been pretty quiet here on Nokiausers homepage for a few weeks now, but that does not mean we have not been busy working.  There has been a lot of new things happening behind the scenes here at Nokiausers HQ in Finland, and the USA.

First up you will have noticed our new look, both on our homepage, and within our forums.  Not just this though, but we have also upgraded the sites software bringing it right up to date with all the latest forum, and publishing features.

Some of these new features have been requested by many of our registered forum members.  One such feature is iTrader, which is to help keep our members safe when buying or selling mobile related devices within our Marketplace. If you are not familiar with iTrader, you can find out more here, but basically what it allows members to do, is rate buyers and sellers based on their experience during any transaction between said member/s.

We have also added new sub-forums to cater for new Nokia devices, and upcoming models also.  One such area is to cover the new Nokia E7 QWERTY device, and has already proved popular.

If you had previously subscribed to our homepage, you may want to upgrade, and replace the existing RSS feed with our new one, which can be found here.

We have also updated both our twitter page, and facebook page, bringing them both up to date with the new related themes.

Nokiausers facebook page

Nokiausers twitter page

Now, not all these new changes to Nokiausers have been welcomed with open arms, and in saying that, we have been open to feedback here within the forums, and value you opinion. So if you have any ideas, suggestions, or complaints, then please do let us know, as there are still several changes to the site pending implementation.

Another addition also to be added is a TIPS link here on our front page, so if any of our readers have an inside scoop on any Nokia News, they are welcome to TIP us, and they will be credited for their efforts by way of link to their blog, or twitter account.