If you would like to download software applications for your phone, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you will find three really fantastic apps. Each of them has a different purpose, strengths and weaknesses. Please note, below are just three of many Nokia 6790 Surge Software apps. There are tons more online.

a. Phone Wallet for Series 60 v3L: This particular software application makes it possible for individuals to both store and organize personal and sensitive information such as contacts, passwords and credit card information. This is a highly secure app and is thus a good place to keep the aforementioned. The app works with Symbian Series 60.5. The Phone Wallet For Series 60 v3L can be synchronized between a person’s PC and mobile phone. It is quite safe because all of the data stored using the Phone Walled For Series 60 v3L is encrypted with special algorithms.

b. Currencies: This is a software application program designed for those individuals who deal with other currencies. It is a currency convertor. All exchange rates listed are from the Central European Bank.

c. PhotoFun for Series 60.3: This software is great for individuals who like to be entertained, even if they are the one providing it. PhotoFun for Series 60.3 gives individuals the opportunity to add their face of that of their friends or family members to various templates built-into the app. It’s a really fun game and sure to illicit at least a few giggles.

There you have it, three fun Nokia 6790 Surge Software programs. Each of these is unique and offers something a bit different. Individuals looking to secure sensitive information will find that the Phone Wallet For Series 60 v3L is available for that purpose. The Currencies app is ideal for people that need to convert currencies. It is essentially a conversion calculator. Lastly, PhotoFun is great for entertainment.